Bird drone

The use of a bird isn’t common but used properly it is a strong tool to deal with trouble causing birds. We all love nature and why shouldn’t we. It has many beauties and wonders for us to behold. However nature doesn’t always comply with our agenda. The problems this can cause shouldn’t be underestimated. Especially not when it concerns birds. Beautiful animals. Their flight has inspired man for as long as we can imagine. Many great thinkers throughout history have looked upon birds examining their ability to fly for thousands of years. You could say that without the knowledge we have observed form birds in flight we would not be able to fly ourselves. It’s ironic then that nowadays our aviation industry  is bothered by these same animals.

Birds pose a danger to us by flying up or against planes while landing or taking off. And aviation is not the only industry which is facing problems concerning birds. What is needed is a new form of bird control. And that is why we can help you out with an new form of control by using our own developed bird drone. Clear Flight Solutions. We offer long-term solutions controlling birds for a wide array of industries. Cruelty free and environmentally  friendly. We use a bird drone that in combination with our other services will give you peace of mind when dealing with bird problems.

A very specifically designed bird drone

The days of wooden and straw scarecrows are long behind us. Never an effective tool to deal with birds modern industries and the aviation becoming a norm when traveling has faced us with an effective way of implementing bird control. Then why not use a rather new technology already available to us. Drones can be used in a wide variety of ways. In short we use two different forms of drones when it comes to bird control.

First of all we understand the need to explore and understand the true nature of your problem. It is not a secret that different birds act in different ways. It is not simply a matter a fact of scaring them away with a bird drone. Discovering what path of flying they use (in the case of migration routes) can be essential in not just offering a solution but an enduring one.

The bird drone we use

It takes a lot of knowledge figuring out what a bird drone should look like. We took a lot of inspiration from nature itself. The result is two different drones looking like two different birds of prey. The first bird drone is modelled after the Peregrine Falcon. This animal is feared among smaller and common birds like pigeons, gulls, waterfowl or birds of songs. The second one is shaped like an eagle. Opportunistic hunters which are feared by most others including geese, swans and many others. Our drones are built to appear as realistic as possible. Yes they fly by using their wings. Ands of course do they appear as their natural counterparts.

Make use of our bird drone and be amazed by the results

We understand the difference in applying bird control under different circumstances. You might be surprised by our divers approach for different situation. We always strive for a long term solution. Solutions which have your best interest at hearth but also environmentally friendly and actively avoiding damaging the birds themselves.

We offer a new smart solution, a bird drone for bird control while simultaneously incorporating ancient knowledge. Do you want to learn more, experience our solutions first hand? Wait no longer and contact us today.

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